Project Components


  1. (i) Component-A: Community Development and Capacity Building:
    The capacity of SIDA, AWBs and FOs is being strengthened and improved enabling them to perform their responsibilities according to the Sindh Water Management Ordinance 2002. The Project is also enhancing the capacity of FOs to carry out operation and maintenance of the Irrigation and Drainage system effectively.
  2. Component-B: Rehabilitation and Improvement of Irrigation and Drainage System:
    Under this component the irrigation and drainage network in three AWBs is being improved, rehabilitated and modernized. It includes improvement of 

    • 7 main canals (824 KMs);
    • 28 Branch Canals (981 KM);
    • 170 distributaries/Minors (1802 KMs) and
    • 200,000 ha of drainage in three Area Water Board
  3. Component-C: Assets Management of Major Irrigation and Drainage infrastructure: 
    Through this component, the feasibility study for rehabilitation of Guddu Barrage as well as Sukkur Barrage is being prepared. In addition assistance has been provided to prepare a Regional Master Plan to deal with flood s and drainage issues on the left Bank of Indus River and designing measure for improvement of the Indus Delta and Costal Zone. Also support to be provided to the office of Secretary, Irrigation Department to deal with the project related activities.
  4. Component-D: Monitoring and Evaluation of the Project Impact and Environmental Management Plan:
    The component covers monitoring and evaluation activities of the project and supervision of the Environment Management Plans (EMPs) and Social Action Plans.
  5. Component-E: Project Coordination, Monitoring, Technical Assistance and Trainings: 
    The component provides resources for supporting the project coordination, monitoring of the implementation activities, management and supervision of the procurement by an independent entity project management consultant/procurement agent and technical assistance and training.
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