Sindh Water Secter Improvement Project
Functions of Project Coordination & Monitoring Unit (PCMU) for Sindh Water Sector Improvement Phase-I Project (WSIP)
  • Coordinate with all Project Implementing Agencies (PIAs) particularly Irrigation & Power Department (IPD), Sindh Irrigation & Drainage Authority (SIDA), Area Water Boards (AWBs), Farmer Organizations (FOs) etc, maintain liaison with Government Departments at Federal and Provincial level and also Project Donors in implementation of the project and facilitate in arrangement of meetings / visits of the project Donor in consultation with Implementing Agencies;

  • Monitor all Project implementation activities including implementation of Project Environmental Management Plan (EMP) as well as individual sub-project specific Environmental and Social Plans (ESP) through Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Consultants;

  • Coordinate with Project Management Consultants/Agent (PMC/A) for:
    (a) recruitment and supervision of all project consulting services,
    (b) recruitment of key staff of project and (iii) developing and maintaining website showing the status of all procurement actions as well as implementation status of the project;

  • Act as Secretariat of the Project Steering Committee (PSC) headed by ACS (Dev.); apprise the PSC about the project implementation performance and highlight any impediments in implementation of the project requiring attention of PSC for further guidance/action.

  • Arrange to carry out strategic studies; manage training activities and technical assistance; coordinate with implementing agencies in conducting various studies; feasibility studies; preparation of Master Plans / Flood Management Plan and research studies under the project;

  • Address key policy and institutional reform issues of water sector in Sindh by proposing research studies, strategies and actions etc required to achieve the reform objectives and to apprise PSC for direction to this effect;

  • Review the project implementation on regular monthly/quarterly basis and issue implementation progress report accordingly;

  • Provide support and guidance in the transition process i.e. transfer of management responsibility of irrigation and drainage system to water sector entities as defined in SWMO-02;

  • Establish a complaint handling mechanism with oversight by PMC/A

  • Follow up for timely implementation of critical actions by the various executing agencies on the recommendations of the Donors and other forums.
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